UpbeatNH Youth Orchestra

Upbeat New Hampshire is a comprehensive program where ensemble and orchestra playing is an essential component. All students are encouraged to participate from Nashua and surrounding communities.  All rehearsals take place on Monday evenings in Nashua High School North Band room. The school address is 5 Titan Way, Nashua

Click here to register for the Youth Orchestra or Vivaldi Ensemble

Vivaldi Ensemble (Intermediate Level)

Students that have completed (or almost completed) Strictly Strings Book 1 or an equivalent Method book are eligible for Intermediate Ensemble. These students should be able to play C natural, F natural and G natural on all strings. They should understand eighth notes and have begun dotted quarter notes and sixteenth notes.

Upbeat Youth Orchestra

Second violinists in the Youth Orchestra have started 3rd position and are at least halfway through book II of Strictly Strings. First violinists in the Youth Orchestra have mastered 1st through 5th positions and have begun 6th and 7th positions. Participation is through an audition process.

Honors String Quartet

This is for the most advanced students that work on more challenging works such as Bach Double Violin Concerto, Haydn and Beethoven String Quartets.  Participation is through an audition process.

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