Upbeat invests in young musicians with the knowledge that anyone can become successful in life by learning how to work together with self-discipline in practice and instruction. Upbeat emphasizes strong relationships with sustained instruction and high expectations in a group context. Upbeat responds to the belief that these opportunities facilitate economic and social mobility for all, regardless of your neighborhood.

Ten years ago, when Upbeat New Hampshire (formerly Sinfonietta Strings) was formed, we were inspired by “El Sistema.” El Sistema began in Venezuela 40 years ago when Dr. Abreu created a model of how a music program can both create great musicians and dramatically change the life trajectory of thousands of children.  El Sistema is a social change/youth development program that uses ensemble music to enable every child to experience being an asset within her or his community.

The orchestra acts as a model society in which an atmosphere of competition between individuals is replaced by shared aspiration and investment.  An orchestra is a place for students to learn to listen and respect one another. Smaller ensembles of many kinds adopt the same group-minded ethos. We are proud that, following review of our program, El Sistema USA has named Upbeat New Hampshire as a member.

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